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Price comparison product image Rock & Mineral Collection Activity Kit (Over 150 Pcs) , Educational Identification Sheet plus 2 Easy Break Geodes, Fossilized Shark Teeth and Arrowheads, Dancing Bear Brand
This science activity kit includes over 150 rocks and minerals, clean gravel (to simulate a real rock hunt!), 2 easy-to-break crystal-filled geodes, fossilized shark teeth, arrowheads, and a color educational identification sheet. Teaches...
Price comparison product image Quick Dam Water Activated Flood Bags 1ft x 2ft, 6-Pack
Protect your home or property in times of flooding with quick dam sand less sandbags. They are ready to use. Just lie in place and let the water do the...
Price comparison product image Fermentasaurus Starter Kit - 35 L
Quick Overview The Fermentasaurus is the world’s first conical PET fermenter that is pressurisable up to 2.4 Bar working pressure. This new model of fermenter has only been possible to...
Price comparison product image Inline Thermometer with Stainless Quick Disconnects
You likely want to monitor the temperature of your wort as it moves from the Chiller to the fermenter, and now you can do just that with this in-line thermometer....
Price comparison product image Sanke Valve/Spear Removal Tool
For removing the Valve and spear on American Sanke kegs. This tool will push the spear down, it does not remove the ring.
Price comparison product image Pump - MKII High Temp Magnetic Drive
An amazing little pump from Keg King of Australia. It has been used in the Australian market for years where it has a good reputation. Works like a March or a Chugger but...
Price comparison product image Johnson A421 Digital Temperature Controller (Wired)
Johnson a421 digital temperature controller. Made in United States. Manufactured by Johnson Controls. Homebrewers outpost brand products.
Price comparison product image Brewing Gloves (L)
Large brewing gloves. Made in China. Manufactured by Homebrewers Outpost. Homebrewers Outpost brand products.
Price comparison product image ECR4Kids 3-in-1 Premium Standing Adjustable Art Easel with Accessories for Kids Play Time
The ECR4Kids multi-use 3-in-1 Art Easel has everything your child needs to create their very own masterpiece. Made of durable hardwood, the easel features a magnetic dry-erase board on one side...
Price comparison product image Calico Critters Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family
Meet the Pickleweeds Hedgehog Family - Mother Heloise is the lead singer of the family band and Father Harold runs the Cloverleaf Post Office. Brother Harry plays the piano and Sister...
Price comparison product image Learning Advantage 7599 Dry Erase Magnetic Measurement Set Whiteboard Compass, Protractor, Ruler And Triangles
Draw precise circles and other shapes for the whole class to see with these durable tools. Draw a variety of polygons, circles, angles and more with this oversized set of demonstration...
Price comparison product image Nylea 15 Pack Cheek Retractor for Speak Out Game and Watch Ya Mouth C-SHAPE Adult Teeth Whitening Intraoral Lip Dental Retractors Mouth Opener [Blue]
Buy Together with Watch Ya Mouth & Speak Out Game Get unparalleled quality for your teeth whitening salon or dental salon with our innovative C-Shape accessory. Features a sturdy, top-grade material that...
Price comparison product image Craft Meister Growler Cleaning Tabs - 25 Count
Fast-Acting growler tablets fit easily through the narrow neck to clean growlers - no brushes or agitation needed! fill growler with warm water, add 1 tablet, and Watch as soils break down...
Price comparison product image Silicone Bung (Solid) - Carboy
7 silicone stopper for sealing glass carboys. Silicone remains soft and flexible even after years of use, making it ideal for long term storage of products in carboys.
Price comparison product image Baby Alive Lil' Sips Baby Has a Tea Party Doll (Brunette)
Give your little girl the fun of real babies with the Lil' Sips Baby Has a Tea Party doll! This little doll drinks and wets just like a real baby. Your little...
Price comparison product image Benchmark 42030 Aluminum Speed Scoop
The aluminum speed scoop is designed for quick and easy filling of bags and boxes. The plastic scoop is an economical way to fill containers and both are dishwasher safe....
Price comparison product image Ranco Controller - Replacement Temperature Sensor
Replacement probe for Ranco. Made in United States. Manufactured by Ranco. Johnson controls brand products.
Price comparison product image Sandusky FSC4021 Folding Shopping Cart, 110 lbs Capacity
The Sandusky FSC4021 folding shopping cart has a handle, a steel frame, a liner, and four caster wheels, and can be folded for storage. This utility cart is made of steel, which is...
Price comparison product image Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizer - Quart Spray Bottle
Alpet D2 surface sanitizer (1 qt). made in United States. Manufactured by Homebrewers Outpost. Homebrewers Outpost brand products.
Price comparison product image Ultrasac Extra Heavy Duty Professional Quality Compactor Trash Bag with Antimicrobial Odor Control, 40 count
Aluf Ultrasac are made from at least 90 percent recycled material. Made with premium resins. Bags are gusseted and individually folded, open easily and are packed in cube style dispenser...
Price comparison product image "The Whip" Wine Degasser - Plastic
Drill mounted degassing rod for wines. Features a plastic shaft with an offset "hook" for degassing wines. To use, mount the Sanitized degassing rod on an electric drill. Insert through the...
Price comparison product image Fermentasaurus Dump Valve Assembly
Fermentasaurus replacement butterfly Dump Valve assembly. Made in China. Manufactured by Fermentasaurus. Fermentasaurus brand products.
Price comparison product image Premium Mini CO2 Regulator
Mini CO2 regulator that reads from 0 - 4.5 bar (0 - 65 psi). requires a threaded 16G CO2 cartridge. Note: does not come with 16G CO2 cartridge or ball lock quick Disconnect.
Price comparison product image IO Star- 4oz
Powerful, non-chlorine iodine based sanitizer. dilute at a rate of 1 ounce to 5 gallons of cold water. this is the same type of sanitizer that is used in many food service establishments,...
Price comparison product image Stainless Faucet/Knob/Shank
Stainless faucet/knob/shank. Made in China. Manufactured by Homebrewers Outpost. Homebrewers Outpost brand products.
Price comparison product image Stainless Lees Stirrer (For Drill)
A professional grade lees stirrer for use in barrels. The integrated bung fits into the barrel's bung hole and prevents overflowing during vigorous stirring. The bung has a Brass collar fitted into...
Price comparison product image Sandtastik 25.-LB-BOX-REG Play Sand, White
Ideal for early childhood classrooms or daycare.
Price comparison product image LaMotte - BrewLab Basic Water Test Kit
The Brew Lab Basic water testing kit, model 7189-01, for home brewers quantities 6 important water test factors. Experts agree water conditions affect your product, so take the mystery out of...
Price comparison product image Auto-Siphon Starter - Mini 5/16 in.
Siphon starter for transferring liquids and bottling. Very easy to use and sanitize. A single Stroke starts the Siphon without disturbing the sediment. Precision designed for smooth, leak-free operation. The mini...
Price comparison product image Dry Wine Yeast - Premier Rouge (Pasteur Red) (5 g) (Pack of 10)
Product Type is premier rouge (Pasteur red) dry wine yeast (5 G) (Pack of 10). ferments 1-6 gallons. Dry yeast, can be direct pitched; rehydration is recommended, 5 grams.
Price comparison product image Scale - High Precision Series - 500g x 0.01g
Large high precision scale - 500G. Made in China. Manufactured by American Weigh Scales. American Weigh Scales brand products.
Price comparison product image Milwaukee pH Meter w/ATC
Get an extremely accurate reading with this rugged bench-top pH meter. It offers the highest accuracy meter, with ATC, featuring a separate temperature probe for temperature readings independent of the electrode....
Price comparison product image March High Temperature Brewing Pump - SS High Flow
March Pump's 815-SS Beer Pump Seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pump7 gpm at 4.5 feet18.6 foot maximum head (around 8 psi)The wet end is made from Stainless Steel, Teflon, Silicone, and Ryton/Teflon/Glass...
Price comparison product image FastRack Combo - 2 Racks and 1 Tray
The fast rack is the cleanest way to drain, stack, and store your empties! when bottling, use the fast rack to dry out your bottles after sanitizing, and have them...
Price comparison product image Sqwincher ZERO Qwik Stik -Sugar Free Electrolyte Powdered Beverage Mix, Orange  060100-OR (Pack of 50)
Sqwincher Sugar free electrolyte powdered Beverage mix Qwik Stik. This perfect 10 has "life on the go" written all over it. GRAB your water bottle, pop the top on your...
Price comparison product image Brewing Gloves (XL)
Extra large brewing gloves. Made in China. Manufactured by Homebrewers Outpost. Homebrewers Outpost brand products.
Price comparison product image Faucet Cleaning Adapter
Draft beer faucet cleaning adapter. Made in United States. Manufactured by Homebrewers Outpost. Homebrewers Outpost brand products.
Price comparison product image Stainless - 1.5 in. T.C. x 3/4 in Barb
Stainless - 1.5 inch TC x 3/4 inch barb. Made in China. Manufactured by Homebrewers Outpost. Homebrewers Outpost brand products.
Price comparison product image Iron Filings - 1 Pound Package
Iron filings are great to experiment with magnetic fields. Place a magnet under a piece of paper and shake the filings on top. The filings will reveal the magnetic field lines. (Hint:...
Price comparison product image Acid Test Kit - Titration Method
Acid Test Kit - Titration Method. Made in United States. Manufactured by Brewmaster. CellarScience brand products.
Price comparison product image Antimicrobial Beer Tubing Assembly - Ball Lock
Hand held beer line assembly for ball lock kegs that features EJ beverage antimicrobial tubing. This tubing is PVC & BPA free with low oxygen permeability. Remains flexible at low temperatures.
Price comparison product image Keg Washer - Ball Lock
Ball lock keg Rinse. Made in United States. Manufactured by Homebrewers Outpost. Homebrewers Outpost brand products.
A moderate speed, low foaming fermenter ideal for full bodied Red wines. Promotes Color and tannin stabilization for lighter reds throughout fermentation and aging. It is used for reds where full...
Price comparison product image Chemical Resistant Gloves
21.5 in. Long heavy duty brewing gloves made from PVC. Made in China. Manufactured by Homebrewers Outpost. Homebrewers Outpost brand products.
Price comparison product image OCSParts ELE208 x 2  WE4M305 General Electric Dryer Light Bulb, 120V, 10W (Pack of 2)
2 Pack - General Electric WE4M305 Dryer Light Bulb. 10-watts. Replacement light for burned out light bulbs on the inside of the dryer.
Price comparison product image ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score Game Set - Giant Sized Fun for Kids and Adults - 4 Feet Tall, Vibrant Colors
Children of all ages love the life-sized version of the classic ring-dropping game. The Jumbo 4-To-Score game in vibrant colors by ECR4Kids is guaranteed to be a hit with family and...
Price comparison product image JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap, For Solid or Liquid Bait (Pack of 24)
The JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz plastic mouse trap for solid or liquid bait. It is a popular method for pest removal and features a high tension spring to eliminate mice and other...
Price comparison product image Gypsum (Calcium Sulfate) - 50 LB Sack
Used in beer making as a water treatment. Gypsum increases hardness and lowers pH. Its use is known to increase the perception of hop flavor compounds in beer. Used in winemaking...
Price comparison product image BrewBuilt Ball Valve - 1/2 in. Stainless Locking Full Port
Brew built ball Valve with locking mechanism.; locking mechanism is a safety feature that the keeps the Valve from being open by child or passing dog while you are brewing.; easy...
Price comparison product image Heat Shrink Sleeves - Matte Burgundy (100)
PVC heat shrink capsules to give bottles wines a professional finish. They feature a handy tear tab for easy opening. To use, place on top of a corked wine bottle and either dip...