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Canine Noise Phobia Series / City Sounds

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Working as a dog trainer in New York City, London and other large cities, I ve seen countless dogs that suffer from severe anxiety triggered by the sirens, honks, beeps, rumblings and other random noises that make up the unique soundscape of urban environments. My job is to help such dogs and their households overcome these fears by using positive reinforcement training techniques.

Noise-fearful dogs often feel panicked, resulting in anxious and distressed canine households. To help solve this problem, I ve teamed up with sound researcher Joshua Leeds and concert pianist Lisa Spector, founders of Through a Dog s Ear, to develop the revolutionary Canine Noise Phobia Series (CNP) a breakthrough in both the treatment and prevention of this debilitating condition.

By combining progressive sound effects, specially-designed psychoacoustic calming music for canines, and reward-based reinforcement protocols, this series not only helps to reduce the anxiety suffered by urban noise-sensitive dogs, but also helps reduce the likelihood of city sound phobias from ever developing.

While this problem is most often an issue for dogs that live in busy urban environments, all dogs can and should benefit from this treatment since a dog s location might change, suddenly exposing them to the noise triggers commonly associated with city life. This groundbreaking desensitization tool will teach your dog to associate positive feelings with city sounds rather than feeling fearful, and will help to gradually reduce your dog s fear when exposed to such situations. When used properly and implemented in conjunction with the enclosed behavioral modification protocols, you have an excellent chance of rehabilitating your urban sound-phobic dog.

Noise phobia is a complex issue. Please read the Instructions for Use before beginning the treatment process with your dog.

Victoria Stilwell


Noise Fears and Phobias in Dogs
Fear. (n) An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or is a threat to survival.

Phobia. (n) A persistent, abnormal and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation that compels someone to avoid it despite awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous.

Dogs that have a fear of noises commonly experienced in cities often go on to develop a full blown phobia that becomes deeply ingrained and highly resistant to change. Dogs of a more sensitive nature or those that suffer with other anxieties are more likely to develop a fear or phobia, and whether this is triggered by a single traumatic episode or prolonged exposure, the result is often distressing for dogs and their people. Without extensive behavioral therapy and management strategies, fears and phobias will become chronic and severely impact a dog s ability to cope when life in the city.

The Consequences of Stress

When a dog feels fearful it experiences a number of physical changes. Heart rate and blood pressure are elevated and breathing becomes more rapid while energy is diverted to other muscles that need it most for fight or flight. Digestion is suppressed, growth and muscle repair is halted, immunity inhibited and senses are sharpened. This happens within a matter of seconds and allows the body to operate at its optimum level to ensure survival. This process is important if a dog s life is in danger, but constantly experiencing these physical changes can put a lot of pressure on the body and increase stress levels, leading to long term illness.

How to Identify Stress in a Dog

Anxious dogs are often highly reactive and unable to settle...

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